Arrangement with The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist, USA (CIMS)

We are glad to announce our arrangement with The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist, USA (CIMS). PHU graduates are eligible to obtain the following qualifications awarded by CIMS through us at a discount and PHU will assist you throughout the process:

Chartered Doctor of Business Administration (CDBA)
Chartered  Doctor Of Supply Chain Management
Chartered  Doctor Of Logistics & Procurement Management
Chartered  Doctor Of Project Management
Chartered  Doctor Of Human Resource Management
Chartered  Doctor Of Financial And Management Accounting
Chartered Master of Business Administration (CMBA)
Chartered Master of Management (CMMgt)
Chartered Director (CDir.)
Chartered Management Specialist (CMS)
Chartered Human Resources Management Specialist (CHRMS)
Chartered Quality Management Specialist (CQMS)
Chartered Strategic Management Specialist (CSMS)
Chartered Project Management Specialist (CPMS)
Chartered Facilities Management Specialist (CFMS)
Chartered Supply Chain & Logistics Specialist (CSCLS)
Post Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management & Business Intelligence
Doctoral Fellow

Please contact us at with your detailed CV for further details.

N. Shirley
Pebble Hills University

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